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English Webinars

Title Date  
Energy Transition in the MENA Region: Solar Market Development and Outlook 2023 February 23, 2023 more
Potential of Brazil and Mexico for international Investments July 21, 2022 more
Opportunities for the growing PV market in Brazil June 2, 2022 more
Energy policy and PV market opportunities in Mexico May 19, 2022 more
Electromobility Market Trends 2022 in Europe, North- and South America January 25, 2022 more
Smart Charging Systems for Europe – a decision guidance November 2, 2021 more
Are European Grids Smart Enough for the Future? September 14, 2021 more
Sustainable and smart: Innovations for electric car charging management August 24, 2021 more
ITRPV and a View on the Module Format Rally July 13, 2021 more
Start-ups – The driving force of the new energy world June 1, 2021 more
Energy Storage Market in Brazil 2021 April 29, 2021 more
A rising star: PV Market Poland March 30, 2021 more
The road to carbon neutrality with hydrogen cogeneration March 16, 2021 more
Career opportunities in renewable energies - A stepping stone for women? March 11, 2021 more
Green Hydrogen EU Markets February 23, 2021 more
Electric Vehicle Trends 2021: Subsidies and Models in Europe January 19, 2021 more
The EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2020-2024 January 12, 2021 more
PV Renaissance in Europe November 24, 2020 more
Intersolar Solarize Africa : Africa on the rise November 10, 2020 more
Mexico: A Hotspot for Solar Heat October 20, 2020 more
Solar Focus: Large-Scale Pv in Brazil (regulated and free markets) October 06, 2020 more
Efficient Solar String Optimizers, Inverters and Solar Cell Technologies Driving the Solar Industry September 08, 2020 more
Driving the Renewable Energy World – With Smart Hydrogen Solutions, Virtual Power Plants and Solar Business Models August 25, 2020 more
The Future of Energy Storage: From Plug and Play to Second Life to New Materials August 11, 2020 more
Rise of Two Big PV Nations – Brazil and Mexico July 23, 2020 more
The smarter E AWARD Winners 2020 – Outstanding Projects: Learn from the Best July 07, 2020 more
Charging Systems: Market Overview and Trends 2020 June 30, 2020 more
The (Non-)Financial Drivers and Benefits of Smart Energy Prosumer Models June 23, 2020 more
The International Roadmap for PV – Ways to higher efficiencies and lower costs with c-Si PV June 09, 2020 more
Brazilian Northeast PV Market Report & Presentation of the Ceará Wind and Solar Atlas Feb. 18, 2020 more
E-Mobility as an Energy Resource – Best Practices to Drive Regulatory Changes Feb. 06, 2020 more
Growing the rooftop solar market in India Nov. 18. 2019 more
Electrical energy storage and PV – Prospects and Challenges for Brazil June 02, 2019 more
Potential for the Energy Storage Market Spain Apr. 17, 2019 more
Inexpensive, Firm PV Without Conventional Backup: The Role of Supply Shaping Through Curtailment Feb. 26, 2019 more
New Market Perspectives for large-scale PV Installations in Germany Feb. 13, 2019 more
Solar PV Recycling in India Nov. 30, 2018 more
Solar PV Supply and Demand 2018 – Is this a crossroads for the PV industry? Nov. 20, 2018 more
India solar open access market – Overview and outlook Nov. 14, 2018 more
Solar + Energy Storage Opportunities in India Nov. 8, 2018 more
How Smart Microgrids Can Address the Challenges of SDG Oct. 24, 2018 more
Grid Edge Innovation - Technologies Business Models and the Future of Demand Flexibility Sept. 6, 2018 more
Insights of the French energy storage market against the background of the European development Sept. 5, 2018 more
PV Market Update Brazil Apr. 11, 2018 more
Centralized PV Generation in Brazil – Impact of the 2017 energy auctions and market forecast Jan. 31, 2018 more

Portuguese Webinars

Title Date  
Confira as oportunidades nas áreas de Armazenamento de Energia e Hidrogênio Verde durante o Evento Intersolar e ees South América July 20, 2022 more
O que você deve saber sobre o mercado fotovoltaico brasileiro July 07, 2022 more
Oportunidades através do Agro-FV no Brasil June 29, 2022 more
Empregos no Setor de Energias Renováveis no Brasil – Oportunidades e Desafios June 23, 2022 more
Hidrogênio verde - aplicação de nicho, ou tecnologia chave para a atingir neutralidade em carbono? April 14, 2022 more

Mercado de energia: Uma nova fronteira para a fotovoltaica de larga escala

June 24, 2021 more
Solar energy in Brazil: which are the barriers and opportunities for women professionals in the field? June 10, 2021 more
Impactos da Pandemia de Covid-19 no Setor Fotovoltaico Brasileiro May 06, 2020 more
Reforma do Setor Elétrico – O Papel da Energia Solar Fotovoltaica Mar. 26, 2020 more
Relatório do Mercado Fotovoltaico do Nordeste Brasileiro & Apresentação do “Atlas Eólico e Solar do Ceará” Feb. 18, 2020 more
Relatório de Geração Solar Distribuída e Armazenamento Feb. 04, 2020 more
Relatório Mercado Fotovoltaico no Nordeste Jan. 21, 2020 more
Números do Mercado de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica Aug. 08,2019 more
Cooperativas e Consórcios de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica July 30, 2019 more
Energia Solar no Mercado Livre July 10, 2019 more
Armazenamento de energia elétrica e energia fotovoltaica - chances e desafios no Brasil May 23, 2019 more
Modelos de Negócios em Geração Distribuída Apr. 02, 2019 more
Geração Distribuída - Desenvolvimento do Mercado Brasileiro Mar. 19, 2019 more
Geração Distribudía e Gestão da Energia – Transição Eletroenergética no Brasil Feb. 12, 2019 more
Mercado Solar Fotovoltaico Brasiliero – O Vasto Potencial do Nordeste Dec. 6, 2018 more
Mercado Brasileiro de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica - PV Market Update Brazil II Aug. 1, 2018 more
Financiamento de projetos FV no Brasil July 17, 2018 more
Redes Elétricas Inteligentes (Smart Grid) - mudando o setor elétrico Brasileiro June 26, 2018 more
Bateria Solar e Sistemas de Armazenamento de Energia May 16.2018 more
Geração Distribuída no Brasil - números do mercado e perspectivas Apr. 24.2018 more
PV Market update Brazil Apr. 11, 2018 more
Geração centralizada de energia fotovoltaica no Brasil: Impacto do leilão de 2017 e prognóstico do mercado Jan. 24, 2018 more

Spanish Webinars

Title Date  
Líneas de acción para una industria solar inclusiva March 28, 2023 more
Casos de Éxito del Mercado Solar Térmico en México February 27, 2023 more
Programas estatales de apoyo a la energía solar en México June 30, 2022 more
Quality assurance in Mexico and application of international standards June 09, 2022 more
Fortaleciendo la industria en México con calor solar  August 18, 2020 more
Impulsando la Revolución del Sistema Eléctrico – Almacenando Tus Ahorros July 30, 2020 more
Calor Solar en tiempos de COVID y la nueva normalidad June 11, 2020 more
El Programa Ciudad Solar y la nueva política energética May 25, 2020 more
Control de Calidad de Centrales Eléctricas Fotovoltaicas Apr. 02, 2020 more
Más allá de la Generación Eléctrica: Energía Solar Térmica en México Mar. 12, 2020 more
La Generación Distribuida Colectiva en México Feb. 20, 2020 more
Intersolar Mexico 2020 y perspectivas del mercado solar mexicano Jan. 29, 2020 more
Perspectivas del Mercado de Energía Solar en México y Desafíos Técnicos Aug. 28, 2019 more
El Mercado Mexicano de Calentamiento Solar de Agua - Los Themas Más Actuales del Mercado Top 5

a Nivel Mundial

Aug. 22, 2019 more
Workshops Intersolar Mexico - Mejores prácticas y Novedades sobre Diseño e Instalación

de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos

Aug. 15, 2019 more
La nueva ley de generación distribuida de Argentina Apr. 11, 2018 more

German Webinars

Title Date  
Ist Deutschland für die E-Mobilität gerüstet? – Exklusive Einblicke in die neue Studie "Installationsradar Ladeinfrastruktur" September 21, 2022 more
EEG 2023 & Osterpaket – Was ändert sich für PV und Speicher? August 19, 2022 more
Cyber Security – IT-sicherer Betrieb von PV-Anlagen June 28, 2022 more
Webinar EEG-Novelle 2023 – Wird der Solarbooster jetzt gezündet? April 07, 2022 more
Immobilie trifft Elektromobilität – Recht und Praxis im gewerblichen Kontext April 05, 2022 more
BIPV – Chance für die Photovoltaik im urbanen Kontext December 07, 2021 more
Großspeichersysteme – Die Booster im Netz der Zukunft? October 19, 2021 more
Dienstwagen Laden@Home: Steuern, Recht und Praxis September 7, 2021 more

Durchblick bei Ladesystemen - Marktübersicht und Förderprogramme

June 15, 2021 more
Der Weg zum klimaneutralen Unternehmen - bilanzieren, reduzieren, kompensieren May 18, 2021 more

BSW-Solar: Bemessung von Montagesystemen auf Grundlage von Windkanalversuchen

May 11, 2021 more

Erfolgsfaktoren für E-Mobilität in Flotten

May 4, 2021 more
Wege aus der Kostenfalle: Mobile Autostromtarife im Vergleich April 27, 2021 more
Zu viert erfolgreich: Energiewende fürs Mehrfamilienhaus March 23, 2021 more
Flexibilitäten – neue Geschäftsfelder für EVU'S, Stadtwerkte und Unternehmen March 09, 2021 more
EEG 2021 – was ändert sich, was kommt 2021 noch politisch auf die Solarbranche zu? Februar 09, 2021 more
Redispatch 2.0 - Essentiell für das Smart Grid der Zukunft December 15, 2020 more
Ladeinfrastruktur in Deutschland Recht und Praxis December 08, 2020 more
Speichertechnologien „Made in Germany“ – Batterieproduktion, Brennstoffzelle und Elektrolyse December 01, 2020 more
Virtuelle Kraftwerke und innovative, digitale Lösungsansätze für das dezentrale Energiesystem der Zukunft November 17, 2020 more
Was macht Solar+Speicher-Projekte bei der Innovationsausschreibung erfolgreich? November 03, 2020 more
EEG 2021: Erwartbare Gesetzesänderungen - Reformvorschläge – Marktchancen und Geschäftsrisiken October 27, 2020 more
Neue Vermarktungswege von Neuanlagen außerhalb der EEG-Förderung - Chancen und Risiken von PPAs October 13, 2020 more
E-Flotten in der Praxis – Kommunen und Unternehmen berichten September 29, 2020 more
VISION mobility Think Tank Live@Power2Drive – Mobilität unter Strom: so fahren und laden wir morgen September 22, 2020 more
Umsetzung von Mieterstromprojekten: Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze September 15, 2020 more
Flexibilität und Elektromobilität – wie intelligentes Laden zum Standard wird September 01, 2020 more
Energieverbrauchsoptimierung in Gebäuden und Liegenschaften durch Digitalisierung und Smart Metering August 18, 2020 more
EEG-Novelle 2020/2021: Reformvorschläge und Geschäftsrisiken durch mögliche Gesetzesänderungen August 04, 2020 more
PV, Speicher und E-Mobilität – So geht Energiewende im Post-Corona-Zeitalter June 16, 2020 more
Neuer PV-Boom? – Merchant PV erobert den deutschen Strommarkt May 26, 2020 more
E-Auto fahren & sparen – Durchblick im deutschen Autostrom-Tarifdschungel May 19, 2020 more
Hybrid-Systeme mit Zukunft: Kleinwindkraftanlagen als ideale Ergänzung zu Photovoltaik und Speichern Mar. 26, 2020 more
Energiecontrolling in Industrie und Gebäuden – Klimafreundliche Energieversorgung mit smarten Lösungen optimal nutzen Mar. 05, 2020 more
Elektroflotte "richtig" laden – so wird die Elektromobilität nicht zur Kostenfalle Nov. 14. 2019 more
Atom- und Kohleausstieg – Kann Photovoltaik die wachsende Stromlücke schliessen? Sept. 27, 2019 more
E-Mobilität in Immobilien und Betrieben May 07, 2019 more
Großspeichersysteme für Industrie und produzierendes Gewerbe May 17, 2018 more
Elektromobilität für Gewerbe und Handwerksbetriebe Feb. 22, 2018 more