Global Solar Market Outlook Launch Conference

June 16–18, 2020 (Online)

This year, Intersolar Europe as part of The smarter E and SolarPower Europe will organize the Global Solar Market Outlook Launch Conference, a virtual event that will provide an update on the latest solar developments and 5-year markets forecasts. While solar is increasingly the lowest cost and fastest growing power generation technology in the world, the sector has been impacted heavily by COVID-19. After a presentation of the GMO 2020-2024 findings, high-profile panels will discuss the market developments and the COVID-19 impacts. We have also invited executives of the leading solar markets’ industry associations to give first-hand insights and discuss with the audience their views on solar demand in their countries.


Discover the three-day program

Day 1

Be among the first to discover the findings of SolarPower Europe‘s Global Market Outlook. After an introduction from the hosts of The Smarter E and SolarPower Europe, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans has been invited to hold the keynote speech. Next, SolarPower Europe will present the key findings of the Global Market Outlook, and then a panel of international experts will discuss solar projections for the next five years and share best practices to ensure the solar momentum continues. In addition, make sure you do not miss a session on the impact of Covid-19 on the global solar industry. Further, during interactive ‘meet the speakers‘ sessions, audience members have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the panel, and network with other participants.

Session 1

Launch: Global Market Outlook 2020-2024 – What to expect from solar at the start of the new decade?

SolarPower Europe’s latest Global Market Outlook provides details and a 5-year forecast on solar PV developments around the globe. This session includes a solar quiz, the presentation of the GMO’s key findings, followed by a Q&A.

Session 2

GMO Panel debate – How to harvest enough solar power to meet the Paris Climate targets?

This session will shed light on the key global trends for the solar sector and reflect on the latest global and European developments as an increasing number of countries is striving for carbon neutrality to meet the Paris Climate targets. What role can solar play to deliver sustainable growth in EU and beyond to meet the Paris targets - and what is needed to get there? What are the lessons learnt from one continent to another?

Session 3

COVID-19 Session – What solar needs to leave the virus impacts quickly behind?

Like many other sectors, solar has been severely impacted by COVID-19. This session will discuss the impacts of the virus on the solar business around the world, from changing market perspectives to industry adaptations along the PV value chain.

Day 2

On the second day of the conference, the focus will be directed towards some of the most prominent solar regions in the world. This includes the USA, India, China, and Brazil – the different political contexts will be explored, which have a decisive influence on the success of the solar industry. The prospects for the coming years will be discussed with experts from the respective regions, and experiences that can help solar growth around the world will be shared. You will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of networking opportunities, the possibility of asking speakers questions, and to visit the exhibitors‘ presentation areas.

Session 1

China Market Outlook: A next growth phase?

After Chinese solar demand has decreased over the last 2 years due to market restructuring, analysts expect a new growth phase in the world’s largest PV market as of 2020. The session will discuss solar’s role in China over the next 5 years.

Session 2

India Market Outlook: Towards 100 GW in time?

India has an ambitious 100 GW solar target by FY 2022. While the solar market has grown fast and the country has emerged as one of the world’s top three markets in recent years, India has nearly two thirds of its solar way to go to meet its target. The session will look into what the country is likely to achieve under the current policy framework.

Session 3

Brazil Market Outlook: How to continue solar growth despite COVID-19

Brazil has become a solid GW-scale solar market in recent years. With COVID-19 hitting hard Latin America’s largest country, this session will discuss what the near future holds for solar in Brazil.

Session 4

US Market Outlook: What’s the future drivers for growth?

Carried by an attractive investment tax credit and policy frameworks in various states, solar has been a success story in the US, the only two-digit GW annual market next to China in the last few years. With the ITC level now decreasing, the session will discuss further drivers to keep the solar momentum in the US.

Day 3

The conference will close with a look at two of the most important markets right now: The Middle East and Europe. After promising figures in recent years, the question that must be addressed is how to build on this success, and prevent losing the positive momentum due to Covid-19. Find out first-hand which conditions prevail in Middle East markets as well as in Europe, follow the expert discussion and exchange views with other participants in an interactive "meet the speakers" session. Once again, you will have many opportunities to exchange ideas with other participants and visit exhibitors‘ presentation areas.

Session 1

Middle East Session – Solar growth at record low power levels

This session will discuss solar demand in a promising solar region where a number of auctions have led to world record low power purchase agreements for solar power.

Session 2

Europe Session – How to keep the general growth momentum post COVID-19

Solar in Europe has recently started a new strong growth phase that has been suddenly interrupted by COVID-19.  This session has solar industry association representatives of Europe’s hottest markets share their views on the key challenges and opportunities ahead.

Keynote Speaker

Ditte Juul Jørgensen
Director General

Diederik Samsom
Head of Cabinet of Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission

Confirmed Speakers

Aurélie Beauvais
Policy Director at SolarPower Europe

Aristotelis Chantavas
Head of Europe at Enel Green Power and President of SolarPower Europe

Gianni Chianetta
Global Solar Council

Jose Donoso
General Director
UNEF, Spain

Máté Heisz
Head of International Cooperation at SolarPower Europe

Markus A.W. Hoehner
CEO & Founder,
EUPD Research

Subrahmanyam Pulipaka
Chief Executive Officer
National Solar Energy Federation of India

Alexandre Roesch
Chief Executive Officer   
SER, France

Dr. Rodrigo Lopes Sauaia
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Schmela
Executive Advisor
SolarPower Europe

Gulnara Abdullina
General Manager, Middle East & Africa
Jinko Solar

Amelie Veenstra
Policy Director    
Holland Solar

Markus Elsässer
Chief Executive Officer    
Solar Promotion

Mechthild Wörsdörfer
Director of Sustainability, Technology & Outlooks,
International Energy Agency

Ru Jialin
Senior Researcher, Public Affairs Department
China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA)

Artem Semenyshyn
Chief Executive Officer
ASEU, Ukraine

Gurmeet Kaur
Board member,
Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA)

Alessandro Boschi
Head of Renewable Energy Division,
European Investment Bank (EIB)

Ravi Manghani
Head of Solar
Wood Mackenzie

and many more ...

Organizers & Supporters