The smarter E Online Events

Become part of our digital conferences, seminars, Innovation Days, virtual award ceremonies and many other online events for sharing knowledge, presenting brand new market solutions and forging new contacts using interactive networking tools. 

Online Conferences

The online conferences of The smarter E offer unique insights into all facets of the new energy world, accompanied by live discussions with leading industry experts: From decentralization, digitalisation and sector coupling of the energy industry through sustainable energy management to the latest trends in photovoltaics and energy storage technology as well as charging technology for electric vehicles. 


Global Market Outlook Launch

June 16–18, 2020

This year, SolarPower Europe will launch its Global Market Outlook for Solar Power together with The smarter E in an online conference. Get comprehensive insights into historical market data as well as current trends and 5-year forecasts of the most important European and global solar markets in three compactly designed conference days.


Floating PV Online Conference

July 22, 2020

The one-day online conference offers an ideal opportunity to obtain comprehensive and in-depth information about floating PV. Various aspects of floating PV will be presented and discussed in several sessions: From market developments and first-hand best practice examples on lakes and off the coast, to financing possibilities and technical challenges above and below the water surface.

Innovation Days

With the Innovation Days, The smarter E opens a new digital event series. Exhibitors worldwide present their latest product innovations in interactive live sessions. In addition to the exhibitors' special presentation areas, various surveys, live chats and networking calls offer a variety of opportunities to interact live with the companies and other participants throughout the day.  

Discover the variety of topics of the new energy world with the Innovation Days. 


E-Mobility Innovation Day 

July 1, 2020

Discover product innovations in the field of e-mobility and charging infrastructure.  


Solar Innovation Days

July 15-16, 2020

Experience the latest product innovations of the global solar industry.


Energy Storage Innovation Day

July 29, 2020

Experience the latest product innovations in the energy storage industry.

Virtual Ceremony: The smarter E, Intersolar & ees AWARD

June 30, 2020

The smarter E, Intersolar and ees AWARD give credit to the most pioneering solutions and projects in the energy industry. To honor these innovations on an international stage in spite of the current developments, this year's award winners will be announced and celebrated at the virtual AWARD Ceremony on June 30.