Online Event Exhibitor Guide

Present your company and your products within the presentation area of our online events. If you are also invited to present your company and products at one of the stages or sessions during an online event, please have a look at the speakers help.

As we want your presentation area to be a complete success, we would like to offer you an overview of all the things that need to be considered in advance and can be used as personal checklist. And of course, we will provide you with some tips to get the most out of your presentation area in the expo section of the online event.

Exhibitor Tutorial: Important Information at a Glance

Please have a look at the demo video, which will certainly answer many of your questions. It will also give you a first visual impression of the platform and the possibilities within the presentation area.

Find further details and tutorials for your booth set-up provided by the platform provider in the

Your Personal Presentation Area

The start of your visibility

Your booth or its announcement in the form of a arranged banner will be on display at several locations during the online event. It will not only be listed in the special expo area, but also on the log-in (and registration) page of the online event.

To enable the set-up and visibility of your booth please complete the booth set-up form you received from our sales team. Please send it back to us in time as you will not be able do insert your profile data on your own. You can sit back and relax while we set up the booth for you. After sending us all the details, you only have to organize your booth staff in case you would like to have an interactive and lively booth. They will take care of the live chat and video function and, if you have decided for a live demonstration within your presentation area, also for the live session.

Customize your booth

Customize your presentation area by inserting the following things:

  • Company name and slogan
  • Logo and background image (for some events the image can be predefined)
  • Company and product description
  • Live or pre-recorded video (upload via YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia)
  • Website and twitter link
  • Discount or promotion offer (optional)
  • Call to action button

Tips for your booth set-up

Optimize your profile

Profile Description:

  • Increase the attractiveness of your profile by providing a talor-made offer to your booth visitors. This could be a promotion code, a whitepaper download or a private consultation.
  • Also indicate opening hours of your booth in the profile since the online event is available 24 hours from start to finish (for events lasting several days). This will help participants of the event to understand when to get in contact with you best.
  • You are planning live presentations? Announce the sessions in your description.


  • Make sure that you upload a square logo to ensure optimal display. If the shape of your logo does not allow this, we recommend to place it on a square white background and save it as image file.

Background Image:

  • In banner format, your logo as well as your company name and slogan (in white font) will be displayed on the background image. The quieter the image, the better the rest of the content is shown to advantage.

Recorded Video:

  • Easily and quickly embed a recorded video with a strong message that can be watched on demand.
  • Do not exeed a maximum of 3 minutes in length, as the attention of visitors must be captured quickly.

Get to know your booth visitors

Call to Action Button & Website Link:

  • Store your email address behind the Call to Action button and ask visitors to contact you via the Call to Action button. You will receive an email for each person who clicks on your button. An easy way to generate leads.

  • Refer to your profile text and link to a special offer (white paper etc.) on your website, where vistors can fill out a download formular etc. Please note that you need to adjust your website link accordingly.

  • Create and link to a special landing page made for the online event and implement different contact forms, download forms etc. to find out who is visiting your booth. Please note that you need to adjust your website link accordingly.


  • Make use of the chat tab of your booth to get in touch with your visitors and exchange ideas as well as contact details.


Focus on interactivity and liveliness

Make use of the video area

Mix it up:

  • Create a video playlist in advance and stream it directly from your computer or laptop by using the screen sharing.

  • Your content will be more diverse and engaging at the same time.

  • You will also be able to pause the video stream at your booth and connect with your visitors personally through the webcam, to answer questions in person. 

Live presentation:

  • Choose a live presentation as the most engaging option to provide the maximum level of interaction with your visitors as you will interact directly with them. Up to 10 people can be on camera at the same time (shared screen counts as one person).
  • By sharing your screen you can present your latest products and offers (without having a speaking slot in the official event sessions) and answer live questions both via text or verbally.


  • Live sessions need to be communicated to the organizer prior to the event, as your video wall status needs to be changed from Recorded Video to Live Session for the duration of the live presentation.

Engage people

Invite people to your booth:

  • You have access to all participants of the online event via the "People" list and are able to invite them directly to your booth to interact in person with you.

Group interaction:

  • Use the group chat of your event to get in touch with your booth visitors and discuss about different topics (visible to all booth visitors).
  • Invite a person to join a 1:1 video call with you. Open it to other people too by copying the URL link of this call and inviting other people to join by pasting the link in the group or another privat chat. All other booth visitors will still see your recorded video, while you have a spontenous group interaction but avoid having to announce and open a live session.

1:1 interaction:

  • Invite your booth visitors or event participants to get in contact with you via 1:1 chats or video calls by clicking on their names.

The basis for a live experience

Human Ressources:

  • Set up a team of at least two people who will alternately look after the presentation area, answer questions in real time etc., just like for a real exhibition booth.

Technical Equipement & Co.:

  • If you would like to do a live presentation, please have a look at the speakers help for more information on technical requirements etc.
  • Please make sure your internet connection and hardware are functioning properly by running a streaming test on

Promotion of your booth & the online event

Show your company

Make the most of your presentation area and promote your session as well as the online event in its entirety. Make use of your own personal network and the marketing channels of your company, and invite your customers and partners to the event.

We will be happy to provide you with promotion material for this purpose.
Please contact: Ms. Antje Seeck, Head of Marketing and Communication