Koichi Sugibuchi

Koichi Sugibuchi is a director of PV Business Consulting Division in RTS Corporation, a PV consulting company with more than 36 years history based in Tokyo.
He has a career of more than 20 years as a PV expert engineer. Prior to his current position, from 1996, in four PV companies, he has been involved in research and development of solar cells and modules, manufacturing, customer support, system design and  construction, evaluation of power generation and reliabilities, manufacturing technology consulting, project support etc.
He conducts consulting for a wide range of fields from upstream to downstream PV sector as a technician who has experiences in the areas covering from manufacturing process of PV cells/ modules to design and construction of PV systems. He is responsible for consultation of research, product development, manufacturing, quality assurance, design and construction, evaluation of electricity generation amount, operation and maintenance (O&M) and manufacturing technology, etc. based on his knowledge cultivated in the field. He provides solutions to his clients with his aspiration that “it is important for the future PV to maintain an even higher level of ‘safety, security and stability' than today in the long term, and I want to devote myself to its realization.