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Networks of connected stand-alone grids ensure a fail-safe supply of renewable power

ees Global – Articles Created by Fabian Baretzky, Technical Sales Manager | DHYBRID Power Systems GmbH

Linked Microgrids to Increase Supply Security in Sri Lanka

Pilot project uses technology from German microgrid experts at DHYBRID to connect stand-alone grids in order to ensure a fail-safe supply of renewable power.


Maurice Neligan, CEO of Jolt Energy Group

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Bringing Fast-Charging Downtown

Most drivers live in cities, but current EV-charging options make owning an EV unattractive. We need to think outside the box and reimagine urban charging.


Katja Legner, ADAC | Copyright: ADAC Presse

ees Global – Expert Interviews Created by Katja Legner, spokesperson, ADAC

Preparing for the Mobility Transition | Interview with ADAC

With e-mobility on the rise, requirements change, and breakdown service has to adjust to new conditions, in this case new vehicles with new challenges. We talked with ADAC to find out, how the service infrastructure has changed, to cater to the mobility transition.


The smarter E Europe – Expert Interviews

Learning from the best

Seven questions on innovative utility companies and the Energy Transition Award for Martin Ammon of EuPD Research.


EM-Power Europe – Expert Interviews

The ideal smart grid doesn’t exist

Seven questions on the current situation surrounding smart grids in Germany and the rest of Europe for Arno Ritzenthaler, CEO of Smart Grids-Plattform Baden-Württemberg, Germany.