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The smarter E Europe – Expert Interviews

Learning from the best

Seven questions on innovative utility companies and the Energy Transition Award for Martin Ammon of EuPD Research.


EM-Power Europe – Expert Interviews

The ideal smart grid doesn’t exist

Seven questions on the current situation surrounding smart grids in Germany and the rest of Europe for Arno Ritzenthaler, CEO of Smart Grids-Plattform Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


ees Global – Articles Created by Hector Olea, President and CEO | Gauss Energia

Aura Solar III – Mexico’s First BESS

The Aura Solar III project, Mexico’s first utility-scale solar+storage facility, proved its high impact potential under a nascent and unclear regulatory framework.


ees Global – Articles Created by Olivier Groux | KYBURZ

Revolutionizing Lithium Battery Recycling

As a bachelor student, Olivier Groux first developed a non-chemical battery recycling process using water. Earlier this month, his idea was implemented as in-house recycling faciltiy at Switzerland based manufacturer KYBURZ.


ees Global – Articles Created by Patrick Peter | Circunomics

Battery Revolution: Circular Battery Economy is Within Reach

Only an insignificant share of lithium-ion batteries worldwide is recycled at the moment, despite the finite resources for raw materials such as cobalt. The German green start-up Circunomics wants to tackle these challenges with a cloud-based IOT-platform for the Circular Battery Economy.