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Hanwha Q Cells

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Solar Energy for the Future of Urban Student Housing

Urban Rigger is a revolutionary form of student housing which combines attractive and affordable habitation with sustainability and innovative thinking. The Urban Rigger connects six regular containers into a both smart and attractive living space. As if that wouldn´t be innovative enough, what´s…


Source: BASF SE

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Global Batteries Based on Local Development – The Amagasaki Battery Materials Application Center in Japan

Every working day in BASF’s global battery materials development network starts in Japan, the land of the rising sun. A few hours after the last e-mails with data updates have been sent out by the R&D team in the United States, the working day starts in BASF’s development laboratory in Amagasaki,…


CellSwap Module, PBES

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Expertise in Marine Batteries Results in Learnings for Land-Based Solutions

Many engineering challenges become a lot more difficult when you’re trying to achieve them at sea. Batteries are no exception. Marine batteries need to operate safely, and reliably, for hours at a time. They need to be safe. They must also be lightweight, powerful, and, most importantly,…


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Minnesota Analysis Finds Energy Storage Can Cost-Effectively Eliminate Need for New Gas Peaking Plants

Much of the news on energy storage in the U.S. comes from the east and west coasts, and moderate electricity prices in the Midwest mean energy storage isn’t always cost-effective yet. However, a new University of Minnesota-led report finds that when environmental benefits are considered, combined…


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The MENA Region – The Next Hot Market for Energy Storage?

The global market for stationary battery energy storage is set to experience tremendous growth by 2025 – about 30 times its current size. This is expected to come mainly from the “usual suspects” such as the USA, China, India and Western Europe. But what about other geographies that are not yet on…