E-Mobility as an Energy Resource

20 Pages | February 2020   Request free download

Get inspired by this collection of best practices to drive regulatory changes.

European Market Outlook

60 Pages | January 2020   Request free download

Download this detailed analysis of the current state of Europe's solar market. 

Energy Transition in the context of Nuclear and Coal Phase-Out

90 Pages | December 2019   Request free download

Read in this recent study how the electricity market in Germany will develop until 2040.

Charging your Electric Fleet

11 Pages | November 2019   Request free download

Find out what you need to know abut electric fleets and how your company can profit from e-mobility.

PV Prosumer Guidelines for 8 EU Member States

23 Pages | September 2019   Read Summary

The guideline provides suggestions and ideas, as well as technical concepts and information on legal framework conditions for commercial enterprises.

    Energy Storage Journal Summer 2019

    86 Pages | July 2019   Read ESJ Issue 25 

    Each issue of the Energy Storage Journal includes a special ees - electrical energy storage supplement.

    The smarter E Europe Exhibition Magazine

    28 Pages | May 2019   Read eJournal

    The Exhibition Magazine reports on the topics dominating the industry’s agenda, from direct marketing of solar power, energy storage and e-mobility to virtual power plants.

      Solarize Africa Market Report

      48 Pages | May 2019   Request free download

      This report boldly claims “Solarize Africa” as a call to action to finally untap the potential for photovoltaics on the continent. The report will cover ten key markets on the African continent as well as trends, opportunities and business models.

        Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2019

        92 Pages | May 2019   Request free download

        At Intersolar Europe, SolarPower Europe launched its Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2019-2023, showing that solar power reached important milestones in 2018, with an even more optimistic picture forecasted for the next five years.

        Battery Storage Market Spain

        27 Pages | April 2019   Request free download

        The white paper "Battery Storage Market Spain - Status and Perspectives" provides you with an overview of the aspects which should be addressed for successful market entry. 

        Market Overview Charging Systems

        32 Pages | April 2019   Request free download

        The market overview presents about 90 charging stations, wall boxes and versatile charging cables that are currently available. It also covers planning tools used to integrate e-mobility into solar self-consumption systems for buildings and solar carports.

        Energy Storage Journal Spring 2019

        68 Pages | March 2019   Read ESJ Issue 24 

        Each issue of the Energy Storage Journal includes a special ees - electrical energy storage supplement.

        Manifesto: Call for a Successful Transition

        8 Pages | November 2018   Read Manifesto

        The organizers behind Power2Drive Europe and other endorsers initiated this manifesto with the aim to deepen the close connection between e-mobility and renewable sources of energy and achieve a sustainable future.