BIPV – buildings as power plants of the future?

The building sector plays a special role in the transformation toward a climate-neutral society. It is responsible for up to 40 % of all CO2 emissions worldwide. Politics and society have recognized this importance. Laws and regulations are being defined, and subsidies are being offered. The expansion of solar energy on the way to climate neutrality will activate considerable areas for energy production.  One advantage is when existing areas or areas that are to be built anyway are used several times. The integration of solar panels into roofs and facades of buildings extends their function: in addition to energy generation, they provide weather protection, sun protection, light guiding, fall protection, sound and visual protection, thermal insulation as well as the role as a design element. Dieter Moor, CEO Europe of ClearVuePV, reveals what the concrete solutions look like and which trends are currently determining the market.


  • 2.37: Although (BIPV) has been around for a long time, it is still a niche product. Why is there not yet more BIPV?
  • 4.20: What are currently the biggest technological trends in BIPV?
  • 11.01: The role of cities for photovoltaics is becoming more important. What about smart combinations?
  • 17.50: What about the planning and implementation of BIPV projects?

Published: March 3, 2022

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About Dieter Moor and ClearVue PV

Dieter Moor commenced employment as a technician in several engineering and architectural offices before commencing his tertiary education at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna/Austria. Graduating as a civil engineer, with a focus on renewable energy at, Dieter proceeded to develop biogas plants, hydro power stations, wind farms and photovoltaic systems for Austria’s first fossil and nuclear free energy supplier.  With the experience gained from both the architectural and the renewable engineering world, Dieter built up the business at ertex solar – a recognised, global BIPV company with more than 2.000 projects realized.

ClearVue is an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed public company registered in Australia. Their ticker or stock symbol is ‘CPV’. CPV have been working for years to perfect a technology that utilizes an age-old building material, one that protects them from and connects them to their environment, clear glass! The company’s core product offering is, at its simplest, highly energy efficient, clear glass that generates electricity. Internationally recognized and scientifically published for this disruptive technology, ClearVue Technologies (ClearVue) has commenced commercialization of clear, solar PV glazing products and solutions.

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