Disruption of emobility - Tesla as a pioneer

Even though the share of electromobility is currently steadily increasing, reservations are still high in large parts of the population. Range anxiety, burning batteries or the famous CO2 backpack, i.e. the offsetting of environmental costs in battery production against combustion vehicles persist. But what is the truth behind these critical voices? What are the differences between the individual manufacturers? And what role does Tesla play in the mobility revolution? We talk about this with Christoph Krachten, science journalist and bestselling author of the book "Tesla or how Elon Musk is revolutionizing electromobility".


  • 4.47: Why is electromobility superior to combustion engines?
  • 10.54: On reservations about electromobility.
  • 17.56: About the role of Tesla within the mobility revolution
  • 20.44: Why do electric cars still have a bad image in many places?

Published: December 23, 2021

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About Christoph Krachten

Christoph Krachten is one of Germany's best-known YouTubers and online TV producers. After working for many years as a TV journalist and producer for WDR and RTL, among others, he recognized the potential of online video early on. His show clixoom has been around since 2008. Krachten is also a present networker beyond that: for example, as co-founder of the publishing house CE Community Editions, which publishes bestsellers by social media influencers, as founder of VideoDays, and as a member of the German Bishops' Conference's Journalistic Commission.

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