European Hydrogen Market Set to Explode

Once again we are talking about hydrogen in The smarter E Podcast. Why you might ask — haven’t we heard enough about it already? This is simple, because in 2021 there is no way around this discussion: if we want to reach our climate goals of decarbonizing by 2050 it has an essential role to play, especially in steel production, the chemical industry, the heating market or the transport  sector. The big question is though — how big will the role of hydrogen really be? Which market dynamic could you count with? And what are reliable numbers behind the hype? We talk about that with Alexander Esser, energy economist at Aurora Energy Research.


  • 2.51: What market development are we looking at for the coming years?
  • 4.52: What is the prediction for the employment in sectors such as heavy duty transport or the heating sector?
  • 9.02: About the EU Commission's hydrogen strategy
  • 13.59: What are the effects of the hydrogen deployment on renewables?

Published: February 18, 2021

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About Alexander Esser and Aurora

Alexander Esser has a background as an engineer with a focus on energy storage - having worked at the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute - on the other hand he has focused on the economics around energy storage in the recent years. Which is also exactly what he is doing in his role as an energy economist at Aurora Energy Research. Aurora Energy Research is a consultancy providing independent data-driven analysis on European and global energy markets to inform the global energy transition through forecasts, reports, forums and advisory services. Aurora was founded in 2013 by professors and economists at the University of Oxford and has offices in Oxford and Berlin.

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