Green Hydrogen: Electrolyzer Solutions for Sustainable Energy Systems

Driven by decarbonisation demand for low carbon hydrogen is set to rise, but understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each electrolyzer strategy will be key to making smart investment decisions. The global annual demand for low-carbon hydrogen ist projected to grow from less than 1 Mt in 2021 to 20 bis 30 Mt by the end of the decade. A key prerequisite to passing this milestone, however, is the selection of the most suitable electrolyzer technology, which is predominantly based on economic drivers, namely levelized cost of hydrogen. What does it take to successfully implement hydrogen projects? What challenges and developments can currently be observed in the electrolyzer sector? Dr. Fabio Oldenburg, Senior Consultant at Apricum, reveals this and more.


  • 02.11: How does the electrolyzer project landscape look like today?
  • 07.43: What makes an electrolyzer project commercially successful?
  • 10.45: What are important challenges for developing PV + electrolyzer projects?
  • 13.16: What are the implications for the selection of the electrolyzer supplier and technology?


Published: December 15, 2022

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About Apricum & Dr. Fabio Oldenburg

Established in 2008, Apricum is a globally active transaction advisory and strategy consulting firm dedicated to the cleantech industry. Their growth-oriented services connect investors and companies both public and private, including mergers and acquisition, fundraising, project finance, strategy development, business model design and technology roadmaps.

Dr. Fabio Oldenburg, Senior Consultant at Apricum, is also the co-founder and CTO of Gaia Membranes AG, a company set up to commercialize the patented membrane technology he developed for a number of leading energy storage technologies. Prior to that, he worked as a research scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institut PSI. At Apricum, Fabio will work on a range of cleantech strategy development and transaction advisory projects.

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