Heat transition: How can quarter concepts and contracting work well together?

The German federal and state targets set us the task of supplying climate-neutral heat to existing buildings by 2050 at the latest. The goal in the future energy system is to bring heating grids and decentralized generation plants into efficient harmony. Municipal heating planning will play a central role in this structural change. But what are the concrete plans and solutions for the heat transition? What role do heat planning, quarters and contracting play? We talk about this with Tobias Dworschak, Managing Director of  the Association for Energy Services, Efficiency and Contracting, vedec.


  • 0:52: What is energy contracting?
  • 3:30: How can we achieve 100% renewables in the heating sector?
  • 9.52: Is the citizen energy transition slowly coming to an end?
  • 14.54: To what extent could mobility concepts be better integrated in quarters?
  • 17.27: What does the future of heat contracting look like?


Published: May 20, 2021

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About Tobias Dworschak & vedec

Vedec's mission is to spread contracting and support its members. The association wants to make contracting and energy services known and establish them as the first solution for supplying buildings. The vedec is in discussion with other associations to bundle the different aspects of energy services and spread them further. Tobias Dworschak has been leading vedec's business since January 2018. Previously, he managed a support department at a large contracting company. Tobias Dworschak is also a lecturer in the distance learning course Energy Management at the University of Koblenz-Landau.

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