How far along are we in the use of green hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the trend topic of the new energy world. For many, the hydrogen economy is a great source of hope. Be it from the political side, which made people sit up and take notice with its national hydrogen strategy in the spring, or on the stock market. Many are convinced that green hydrogen can help slow climate change and master the energy transition. But how far along are we in the use of green hydrogen, how sustainable is H2, and how much is actually available to us? Today we talk about this with Jeanette Uhlig, team leader for climate-neutral energy sources at the German Energy Agency dena.


Published: January 07, 2021 | Language: German

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About dena and Jeannette Uhlig

dena is the competence center for energy efficiency, renewable energies and intelligent energy systems. As the "Agency for Applied Energy Transition," it contributes to achieving the German government's energy and climate policy goals. It develops solutions and puts them into practice, nationally and internationally. To do this, dena brings together partners from politics and business, across all sectors. Jeanette Uhlig is team leader for climate-neutral energy sources at dena and is one of the decision-makers on dena's Power to Gas strategy platform.

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