Investments in Renewable Energies – Approaches for Investors, Banks and Insurance Companies

For the energy transition to succeed, attractive investments in renewable energies are also needed. But with the high investment sums, banks want to make sure that the business is profitable and that there are no loan defaults. The same applies to insurance companies, which cover the operators of renewable energy plants against damage and often also against defaults. What criteria are used to evaluate renewable energy deals? How do you get the best terms from banks and insurance companies? And what is the best way to prove the reliability of a plant? We talk about this with Stefan Garche, head of hydrogen technologies at VDE Renewables GmbH.


  • 2.00: Standards and regulations: are these not enough for banks and insurance companies to prove reliability or bankability?
  • 4.08: What are the main criteria that a renewable energy plant must meet to be considered bankable?
  • 8.40: How does VDE support investors to get the best possible terms?
  • 16.11: Green hydrogen plants are only slowly gaining momentum. Certification is likely to be correspondingly more difficult. What do investors need to consider here?


Published: August 11, 2022

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About Stefan Garche and VDE Renewables

Stefan Garche is a lawyer and, since September 2021, "NRW Site Manager - Hydrogen Technologies" at VDE Renewables. Previously, Garche spent almost 15 years at the EnergyAgency.NRW, where he supported international projects in the fields of fuel cells, hydrogen and electromobility. This involved, in particular, working closely with SMEs and industry to develop a sustainable and competitive hydrogen economy.

VDE Renewables GmbH, a subsidiary of the VDE Group, provides quality assurance services in the global renewable energy market. Core tasks of the company, headquartered in Alzenau, Germany, are quality testing and certification according to the highest quality standards for safety, reliability and performance, as well as independent engineering and due diligence services. VDE Renewables cooperates with all structures of the VDE Group and has an international partner network, including leading research institutes such as several Fraunhofer Institutes, but also insurance groups such as Allianz and Munich Re. Together with its partners, VDE Renewables supports its clients, for example, in accessing new markets, differentiating themselves from the competition or enabling more attractive insurance or financing conditions.

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