The Growth and Growth of the Global Energy Storage Market – Trends, Innovations & Developments

There are various reasons for installing electricity storage systems: Economic efficiency, integration of more wind and solar energy, provision of balancing power, overcoming grid bottlenecks. One thing is clear: the market is growing strongly worldwide. Bloomberg NEF expects annual growth of 30 percent by 2030. What could be more obvious than to take a closer look at the world's largest storage market and learn from the developments there? Sergio Dueñas, Consultant from Strategen provides us with the necessary insights.


  • 2.30: What developments are we currently observing in the storage markets worldwide?
  • 5.02: Characterizing the largest storage markets worldwide
  • 9.14: What technical trends do we see in current storage installations?
  • 18.58: What is driving the purchasing of energy storage in the U.S. right now?


Published: August 04, 2022

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About Sergio Dueñas & Strategen

Sergio is a Senior Consultant at Strategen where he primarily focuses on policy and regulatory efforts for the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA). Sergio has expertise in policy analysis, energy economics, electric power systems, and comparative climate policy.

Prior to joining Strategen, Sergio worked across the energy sector in Mexico at Integralia Consultores. There he served as a political and regulatory consultant to the electricity, oil, and gas industries.

Strategen is a globally connected, impact-driven consulting firm on a mission to decarbonize energy systems. The focus is on energy storage, vehicle-grid integration, green hydrogen, decarbonization strategy, clean energy system planning, and more.

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