Ways to become a climate neutral company

Climate neutrality is on everyone's lips, but not everything that calls itself "climate neutral" is a sensible and long-term strategy with a positive effect on the climate. Should companies from different industries strive for the same kind of climate neutrality, or does it make sense to differentiate the paths to climate neutrality by industry? What adjustments can companies make to their product portfolios, operations and supply chains to promote climate neutrality? We talk about this with Wolfgang Saam, Managing Director of the Association of Climate Protection Companies (Verband Klimaschutz Unternehmen e. V.) and Prof. Jens Hesselbach, Head of the UPP Department of Environmentally Compatible Products and Processes at the University of Kassel.

Published: July 8, 2021

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About Wolfgang Saam and Klimaschutz Unternehmen e.V.

Klimaschutz Unternehmen is an association of German companies that demonstrate exemplary examples of how to optimize the use of energy and protect the climate. In this way, the knowledge about climate protection and energy efficiency measures of various companies of different sizes is to be bundled and disseminated to the broader business community.

As managing director, Wolfgang Saam is responsible for the overall strategic orientation of the association and represents the association in political bodies and vis-à-vis the media.

About Prof. Jens Hesselbach and the upp

The Department of Environmentally Compatible Products and Processes (upp) at the University of Kassel has been working in the field of energy, resource efficiency, decentralized and renewable energies as well as climate protection and climate neutrality strategies in various research and industrial projects since 2002.

Jens Hesselbach is a professor at the University of Kassel and head of the department "Environmentally Sound Products and Processes" (upp). A process engineer by training, he has been teaching at the University of Kassel since 2003. 

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