What impact will sustainable batteries have on the market?

Battery storage systems are a key flexibility option for the success of the energy transition. These technologies must meet a wide range of requirements, such as low costs and environmental impact. One challenge is to take a broader perspective on the sustainability of these technologies. What are the main areas of concern?  What are promising ways for the reduction of these concerns? And what about the role of the automotive industry?  We talk about this with Florian Mayr, Partner at Apricum, the Cleantech Advisory.


  • 1.48: What are the main areas of concern?
  • 5.25: About Battery cell manufacturing
  • 7.50: About Battery Recycling
  • 10.30: What are promising ways of mitigation?
  • 13.08: How is Europe positioning itself?


Published: April 15, 2021

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About Florian Mayr & Apricum

Apricum is a globally active transaction advisory and strategy consulting firm dedicated to the cleantech industry. Florian Mayr, partner at Apricum, is an expert on strategy, business development and transaction advisory in the global renewable energy markets, including energy storage. Florian leads Apricum’s energy storage, green mobility and digital energy activities. In particular, he supports Apricum’s clients in successfully accessing new markets and seizing attractive business opportunities.

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