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The smarter E Podcast is all about trends and developments in the energy sector.

Host Tobias Bücklein welcomes the movers and shakers of the renewable, decentral, and digital energy world. The first episode of the German podcast will be published on May 21, with a new episode coming out every Thursday. The series will soon be available at Spotify, iTunes and

Stay tuned for an English version, which we are planning to launch soon. 

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Episode 01: Fall of the 52 gigawatt solar cap 

with Carsten Körnig, General Manager of the German Solar Industry Association BSW e.V.

This episode is available in German. 


Upcoming Episodes

Saving with EVs – Top Tariffs for different types of electric cars

May 28, 2020

In times of corona, the number of passenger car registrations in Germany is clearly decreasing, but the number of electric cars continues to rise. With the right measures, the crisis can serve as a stimulus for a turnaround in the transport sector and the economy in general.

To keep track of the many suppliers and pricing systems available for public charging is quite a challenge for both private consumers as well as professional fleet managers. EuPD Research and Edison Media have therefore joined forces for the third year in a row to shed light on the current tariffs.

Tobias Bücklein welcomes Christine Koch, Research Analyst, EuPD Research GmbH to identify the current top tariffs for different types of e-cars are. 

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