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The smarter E podcast is all about the current trends and developments in a renewable, decentralized and digital energy industry. Our moderators Tobias Bücklein and Zackes Brustik welcome and interview personalities who shape our industry and drive developments forward. A new episode is published every Thursday.  


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Episode 134: How Close Are We to V2G Becoming a Daily Reality?

Dr. Stefan Perras & Thomas Gereke of Siemens.

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Previous Episodes

Title Date Language
Digitizing the Energy System with Digital Twins and Smart Grid Indicators May 18, 2023 English
What´s up With the Energy Transition in Mexico? May 11, 2023 English
Are We Experiencing a Successful Renaissance of PV Production in Europe? April 13, 2023 German
Sustainability: How Can Solar Best Support Nature Conservation and Biodiversity? April 06, 2023 English
Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal and More – How Do We Master the Heat Transition? March 30, 2023 German
Quality Assurance for Solar EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) March 23, 2023 English
Don't Let the Lights Go out – What About the Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure? March 09, 2023 English
Battery vs. Hydrogen in Heavy-Duty Transport – Which Drive Type Will Prevail? March 02, 2023 German
E-Mobility: More Profit for Manufacturers Through Rapid Transformation? February 16, 2023 German
The Car as Home Storage – What Is the Added Value for Users? February 02, 2023 German
Diverse but Thriving – Energy Transition in the MENA Region January 26, 2023 German
Energy Transition Outlook – How Can We Achieve the Climate Targets? January 19, 2023 English
Working at the Base – and at the Limit: How Municipal Utilities Are Implementing the Energy Transition Locally January 12, 2023 German
Solar PV – Challenges and Opportunities of Ensuring Continued Asset Quality January 05, 2023 English
A Heart for the Power Grid - How Heat Pumps Provide Balance in the Energy System December 22, 2022 German
Green Hydrogen: Electrolyzer Solutions for Sustainable Energy Systems December 15, 2022 English
Hybrid Power Plants: The Future of Reliable Power Generation December 08, 2022 German
Green Roofs and PV: Contradiction or Opportunity? November 24, 2022 German
Hard Shell, Smart Core: Why Inner Values Count in Industrial Energy Storage Systems November 17, 2022 English
The Beginning of the Green Hydrogen Age – What Else Does It Need? November 10, 2022 German
European Distribution Systems – Ready for Smart Grids? November 03, 2022 English
Who Is in Charge of E-Mobility? October 20, 2022 English
E-mobility: What Questions Keep Fleet Managers October 13, 2022 German
Virtual Power Plants – The Power of Many October 06, 2022 German
This is How Sector Coupling and Vehicle-Integrated Power Generation Succeeds September 29, 2022 German
What is "Smart Charging" and How Can Electric Car Drivers Benefit from it? September 22, 2022 English
Do it Yourself – How Citizens Take the Energy Transition into Their Own Hands September 08, 2022 German
How Start-ups are Driving the Mobility Revolution August 25, 2022 German
Agri-PV: Opportunities for Agriculture and Energy Transition August 18, 2022 English
Investments in Renewable Energies – Approaches for Investors, Banks and Insurance Companies August 11, 2022 German
The Growth and Growth of the Global Energy Storage Market – Trends, Innovations & Developments August 4, 2022 German
Solar Thermal and PV in Latin America – an Emerging Market July 28, 2022 English
Life Cycle Analysis: The True CO₂ Emissions of All Drives July 21, 2022 German
Bake Bread While the Sun Shines: Solarbakery for Off-Grid Rural Communities July 14, 2022 English
Congestion in the Grid? How We Can Regulate Energy Flows in the Future July 07, 2022 German
Facts and Fairytales of Floating Solar Solutions June 30, 2022 English
How Startups Are Driving the Energy Transition June 23, 2022 German
Second Life as a Leverage to Refinance the Transition? Jube 16, 2022 English
Why is AC Bidirectionality Key to Large-Scale V2G Implementation? June 9, 2022 German
Brazil´s Further Way to Become and Maintain a Global Player on the Solar Market June 02, 2022 English
Second Life, Zero Life and More - What Does the Future Hold for Energy Storage? May 25, 2022 German
Power Sector Accelerating E-Mobility: Can Utilities turn EVs into a Grid Asset? May 19, 2022 English
Grid-Safe Integration of e-Mobility - Why Battery Electric Vehicles Save us From Blackout May 05, 2022 German
What opportunities and challenges do PPAs bring to the energy industry? April 28, 2022 German
Decentralized energy supply as the basis of a clean energy system? April 21, 2022 German
How to break away from fossil fuels with hydrogen? April 14, 2022 English
Sector coupling in the neighborhood - the key to the energy transition? March 31, 2022 German
The Sky is the Limit – How Hydrogen will Power Aviation March 17, 2022 English
Geld verdienen mit dem eigenen Auto: THG-Quote und mehr March 10, 2022 German
BIPV – Buildings as Power Plants of the Future? March 03, 2022 English
Gewerbe unter Strom: Förderung von Ladesystemen für E-Fahrzeuge February 24, 2022 German
The Unexpected Return of Nuclear – What to Make of it? February 17, 2022 English
Systemvision 2050 – Wie sieht das klimaneutrale Energiesystem der Zukunft aus? February 10, 2022 German
Sunny Outlook for Photovoltaics & Storage in Europe February 3, 2022 English
Retrofitting: Vom Verbrenner zum Stromer – eine Lösung für nachhaltige Mobilität? January 27, 2022 German
Grüner Wasserstoff als Lösung einer verlässlichen Stromversorgung? January 13, 2022 German
Disruption der E-Mobilität – Tesla als Wegbereiter December 23, 2021 German
Dynamic Change in the Storage Market: Developments, Trends & Challenges December 16, 2021 English
Neue Bundesregierung gleich Neue Energiewelt? Das erwartet uns 2022 December 9, 2021 German
Wasserstoff - Dekarbonisierung des Gebäudesektors – Warum wir es uns nicht leisten können, ihn nicht zu haben December 2, 2021 German
Renewable Energy Market Middle East: Status, Trends & Recommendations November 25, 2021 English
Durchblick bei Ladesystemen: Welche Förderungen werden angeboten? November 18, 2021 German
Green Hydrogen Manifesto: Europe as a role model for hydrogen introduction November 11, 2021 English
Wie kann sich Deutschland selbst mit erneuerbarer Energie versorgen? November 4, 2021 German
PANEL DISCUSSION: Vehicle2Grid as Game-Changer of the New Energy World October 28, 2021 English
Battery Production in Europe – an important corner stone of our future economy? October 21, 2021 English
Virtuelle Kraftwerke – Erneuerbarer Strom zu jeder Zeit October 14, 2021 German
Stromspeicher im Netz: Evolution statt Revolution September 30, 2021 German
Florida-Eis Manufaktur – so geht "klimaneutrale" Produktion September 23, 2021 German
Vehicle-integrated photovoltaics (VIPV): Flexible solar modules for more power September 16, 2021 English
European Green Hydrogen sector – Where is the journey taking us? September 9, 2021 English
Fuhrpark: Wie sich Elektroautos in die Flotte integrieren lassen September 2, 2021 German
What role does blockchain play in the energy world now and in the future? August 19, 2021 English
Bauwrekintegrierte Photovoltaik (BIPV) – energetisch sinnvolle Fassadennutzung August 12, 2021 German

Paths to Zero Emission Mobility Lisa Bolin and Polestar

July 29, 2021 English
Solarer Wasserstoff vs. Wind-Wasserstoff: was ist wirtschaftlicher? July 22, 2021 German
European Transmission and Distribution Systems – Ready for Smart Grids July 15, 2021 English
Wege zum klimaneutralen Unternehmen July 8, 2021 German

Renewable Energy Markets: What Europe can learn from California

July 1, 2021 English
100% Erneuerbare Energien für Deutschland bis 2030? June 24, 2021 German

Neues Klimaschutzgesetz und seine Auswirkungen – was kann die Politik & Wirtschaft tun?

June 17, 2021 German
Fight against the climate crisis: effective strategies for companies June 10, 2021 English
Stand und Perspektiven des Recyclings von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien May 27, 2021 German
Wärmewende: Wie können Quartierskonzepte und Contracting gut zusammenspielen? May 20, 2021 German
Technologien und Innovationen am Solarmarkt – was bringt die Zukunft? May 6, 2021 German

Renewable energy and jobs – what prospects does the market offer?

April 22, 2021 English

What impact will sustainable batteries have on the market?

April 15, 2021 English
Agrivoltaics - Synergistic Production of Food and Energy April 8, 2021 English

Netzunabhängig in den Urlaub – was können emissionsfreie e-Trailer?

April 1, 2021 German
Customers benefiting from flexibility? March 25, 2021 English

Innovative Solarspeichertechnologien erobern den Markt – Evolution statt Revolution?

March 18, 2021 German

Off-Grid PV: New Ways for Climate Protection & Power Supply

March 11, 2021 English
Gibt es bald eine Art AirBnB für Ladesäulen? March 4, 2021 German
European Hydrogen Market Set to Explode February 18, 2021 English
Wie wird Tübingen bis 2030 klimaneutral, Boris Palmer? February 11, 2021 German
Vehicle-to-Grid: Bidirectional charging brings CO2 saving potential February 4, 2021 English
Spirit of optimism in European PV markets January 28, 2021 English
Elektromobilität 2020: Strohfeuer oder Durchbruch? January 21, 2021 German
The Role of Cogeneration in the New Energy World January 14, 2021 English
Wie weit sind wir bei der Nutzung von grünem Wasserstoff? January 7, 2021 German
E-Mobilitäts-Provider: Lerneffekte aus Nutzersicht December 31, 2020 German
Power-to-X & Green Hydrogen for European Mechanical Engineering December 17, 2020 English
Autarkie als Riesenchance für den Speichermarkt? December 10, 2020 German
Innovationen und Lösungen der Elektromobilität für die Sektorkopplung December 3, 2020 German
Why the energy transition is still an electricity turnaround worldwide November 26, 2020 English
Vorzeitiges Aus für eine halbe Million Solaranlagen? Wirtschaftliche Folgen von Ü20-PV-Anlagen im EEG 2021 November 19, 2020 German
Stromnetz 2050 – So erreichen wir die energie- und klimapolitischen Ziele November 12, 2020 German
Klimaneutralität in Städten und Kommunen – CO2-neutrale Quartierskonzepte, Microgrids und Kopplung der Sektoren November 5, 2020 German
The new oil: green hydrogen from the Arabian Gulf October 29, 2020 English
Renaissance der europäischen PV-Produktion – Solar-Boom 2.0? October 22, 2020 German
Die Integration der Erneuerbaren Energien ins Netz der Zukunft October 15, 2020 German
Stammtischwissen der Elektromobilität – so nachhaltig und zukunftsweisend ist Emobilität wirklich October 8, 2020 German
How consumer demands are effecting the transport sector October 1, 2020 English
Booster für die Wirtschaft – wie schaffen wir eine erfolgreiche Energiewende? September 24, 2020 German
Europe as a New Hotspot for E-Mobility? September 17, 2020 English
Reform des EEG – die wirtschaftlichen Chancen einer klugen Energiewende September 10, 2020 German
Wege einer erfolgreichen Energiewende – Regulierung beseitigen, Hürden abbauen und vorhandene Marktkräfte entfesseln September 03, 2020 German
Energy Storage in Brazil – Prospects and Challenges August 27, 2020 English
Photovoltaik – ein Pfeiler nachhaltiger Energieversorgung August 20, 2020 German
Clean Water – sauberes Trinkwasser dank Solarenergie August 13, 2020 German
Solar in South America – Where is the upcoming PV Nation Brazil Heading? August 06, 2020 English
The Current Status, Role and Costs of Energy Storage Technologies July 30, 2020 English
Zukunftstrend ganz nah: Technische Revolution durch Elektromobilität July 23, 2020 German
Floating Solar PV – Global Momentum and Perspectives July 16, 2020 English
Rettet Wasserstoff die Energiewende? July 09, 2020 German
Long-term effects of COVID-19 on the Storage Market July 02, 2020 English
Der Weg zum CO2-neutralen Unternehmen – mit Nachhaltigkeit zum Geschäftserfolg June 25, 2020 German
Merchant PV Conquers the European Electricity Market June 18, 2020 English
EU Recovery Package: Make or Break for the Green Deal? June 11, 2020 English
Prosumer-Geschäftsmodelle heute und morgen – intelligente Energiewende von unten? June 04, 2020 German
E-Auto fahren & sparen – Top-Tarife für verschiedene Autotypen May 26, 2020 German
Aktueller Bericht aus Berlin: Der 52-Gigawatt-Deckel für PV fällt May 19, 2020 German

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