Green hydrogen - Niche application, or key technology to achieve carbon neutrality?

Free Webinar

The webinar will be in Portuguese.

Hydrogen is a fascinating gas that has inspired engineers and chemists for many decades. In the form of green hydrogen, produced from solar photovoltaic energy, it promises to bring carbon neutrality to multiple applications, including fertilizer production, steel production, and commercial aviation.

According to BloombergNEF, Brazil could be one of the most competitive producers of green hydrogen by 2050, which, in principle, opens up multiple opportunities, especially for the Brazilian Northeast. But what are these opportunities, and how can we take advantage of them?

In this webinar, we will explore the different facets of green hydrogen. We will address technological concepts, and detail the different applications of green hydrogen. We will analyze its competitiveness, compared to conventional hydrogen, and pay special attention to opportunities for Brazilian entrepreneurs and companies.


Date Thursday, April 14, 2022
Time 16.00pm CET
Fee Free of charge - limited participation
Speaker Jurandir Picanço
Moderation Marcus Vlasits
Language Portuguese

Jurandir Picanço

Jurandir Picanço Júnior is a Mechanical Engineer and Electrician. A member of the Ceará's Academy of Engineering, he works as energy consultant for FIEC (Ceará's Federation of Industries). He was President of COELCE (Ceará's Energy Company), has headed Ceará's Science and Technology Office, has been a member of CHESF's board, the President of ARCE (Ceará's Regulatory Agency), a lecturer on Electrical Engineering at UFC and the President of CSRenováveis/CE (Ceará's Sectorial Chamber on Renewable Energies). In those active roles, he has always kept a connection with renewable energies, and was one of those directly responsible for helping Ceará in its first initiatives to develop wind and solar energy projects and, more recently, green hydrogen projects.

Marcus Vlasits

Marcus Vlasits is the founder of NewCharge and an advisor to ABSOLAR's Energy Storage Workgroup. He organizes energy storage events and conferences, and co-organized a storage conference for Intersolar South America 2021 in partnership with SolarPromotion. He is a current member of ABSOLAR's Board and coordinates ABSOLAR's Energy Storage Workgroup.
Since 2019: He is the founder and managing partner of NewCharge Projects, focusing on PV solar energy generation and storage solutions.
2016-2018: He co-founded and served as Commercial Director of Faro Energy, an investment firm leasing photovoltaic plants.
2007-2012: He was director and then Vice-President of O-Cells SE (Germany), a leading producer of photovoltaic cells and panels.
2000-2007: He was an ssociate and later junior partner at McKinsey&Company.