Implementation of the German tenant solar supply model projects: challenges and approaches

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Tenant solar supply model or “Mieterstrom” is a hot topic in Germany. Up to 3.8 million apartments could be developed using decentralized generated electricity from PV plants. There are new and interesting opportunities for companies here.
Although the current energy law regulations make the necessary additions more difficult, tenant solar supply still has the potential to become the game changer of the urban energy transition. However, there are challenges on the way to a successful and scalable ‘Mieterstrom’ business model. What is the legal scope of the Tenant solar supply Act and what should you watch out for? What are the technical challenges on the way to a successful and scalable business model?


This is the third of five webinars in the German webinar series "Zukunft der Energieversorgung". Check out the complete series here.


Date Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Time 11:00am CEST
Duration ca. 60 minutes
Fee Free of charge - limited participation

Michael Hill, Kanzlei Fey Hill Bunnemann

Christoph Cormann, Senior Consultant, Discovergy GmbH

Andreas Ziegler, Product Manager,  MVV Enamic GmbH

Moderator Markus Meyer, Leiter Verbandsentwicklung, Bundesverband Neue Energiewirtschaft (bne)
Language German

Michael Hill, Kanzlei Fey Hill Bunnemann


After working for a large German energy supplier, Michael Hill has been a founding partner in energy law in the Fey Hill Bunnemann boutique law firm since 2012. For just as long, Mr. Hill has been training employees of utilities, producers and consumers of electricity and gas on issues in this area of law. The focus of his work is on the law of decentralized generation, energy contract law and the associated legal areas such as energy tax law. 

Christoph Cormann, Senior Consultant, Discovergy GmbH


  • Master Eng. Electrical Engineering, specializing in automation and drive technology
  • Research associate at FH Aachen, energy systems in buildings
  • Freelance energy consultant for SMEs
  • Project manager at Discovery since 2017
  • Since 2019 senior consultant in the field of energy systems

Andreas Ziegler, Product Manager, MVV Enamic GmbH


Andreas Ziegler has been with MVV Energie AG since September 2018 and has strengthened the Business Development team at MVV Enamic GmbH as a product manager since April 2020. He focuses on innovative, sustainable and efficient energy solutions for real estate customers. This also includes the Smart Tenant Electricity product.

Markus Meyer, Head of Association Development and Member Affairs, bne


Markus Meyer joined the bne team in April 2017. Until October 2019 he was Director for National Policy and Strategy. In October 2019 his working field changed and since than he has been head of association development and member affairs. Before working for bne, he worked as Head of Policy and Strategy at the Federal Association of the Solar Industry and as a research assistant in the Bundestag office of Ingrid Nestle and of Hans-Josef Fell.

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