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English Webinars

Electrical energy storage and PV – Prospects and Challenges for BrazilJune 02, 2019more
Potential for the Energy Storage Market SpainApr. 17, 2019more
Inexpensive, Firm PV Without Conventional Backup: The Role of Supply Shaping Through CurtailmentFeb. 26, 2019more
New Market Perspectives for large-scale PV Installations in GermanyFeb. 13, 2019more
Solar PV Recycling in IndiaNov. 30, 2018more
Solar PV Supply and Demand 2018 – Is this a crossroads for the PV industry?Nov. 20, 2018more
India solar open access market – Overview and outlookNov. 14, 2018more
Solar + Energy Storage Opportunities in IndiaNov. 8, 2018more
How Smart Microgrids Can Address the Challenges of SDGOct. 24, 2018more
Grid Edge Innovation - Technologies Business Models and the Future of Demand FlexibilitySept. 6, 2018more
Insights of the French energy storage market against the background of the European developmentSept. 5, 2018more
PV Market Update BrazilApr. 11, 2018more
Centralized PV Generation in Brazil – Impact of the 2017 energy auctions and market forecastJan. 31, 2018more

Portuguese Webinars

Números do Mercado de Energia Solar FotovoltaicaAug. 08,2019more
Cooperativas e Consórcios de Energia Solar FotovoltaicaJuly 30, 2019more
Energia Solar no Mercado LivreJuly 10, 2019more
Armazenamento de energia elétrica e energia fotovoltaica - chances e desafios no BrasilMay 23, 2019more
Modelos de Negócios em Geração DistribuídaApr. 02, 2019more
Geração Distribuída - Desenvolvimento do Mercado BrasileiroMar. 19, 2019more
Geração Distribudía e Gestão da Energia – Transição Eletroenergética no BrasilFeb. 12, 2019more
Mercado Solar Fotovoltaico Brasiliero – O Vasto Potencial do NordesteDec. 6, 2018more
Mercado Brasileiro de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica - PV Market Update Brazil IIAug. 1, 2018more
Financiamento de projetos FV no BrasilJuly 17, 2018more
Redes Elétricas Inteligentes (Smart Grid) - mudando o setor elétrico BrasileiroJune 26, 2018more
Bateria Solar e Sistemas de Armazenamento de EnergiaMay 16.2018more
Geração Distribuída no Brasil - números do mercado e perspectivasApr. 24.2018more
PV Market update BrazilApr. 11, 2018more
Geração centralizada de energia fotovoltaica no Brasil: Impacto do leilão de 2017 e prognóstico do mercadoJan. 24, 2018more

Spanish Webinars

Perspectivas del Mercado de Energía Solar en México y Desafíos TécnicosAug. 28, 2019more
El Mercado Mexicano de Calentamiento Solar de Agua - Los Themas Más Actuales del Mercado Top 5

a Nivel Mundial

Aug. 22, 2019more
Workshops Intersolar Mexico - Mejores prácticas y Novedades sobre Diseño e Instalación

de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos

Aug. 15, 2019more
La nueva ley de generación distribuida de ArgentinaApr. 11, 2018more

German Webinars

Atom- und Kohleausstieg – Kann Photovoltaik die wachsende Stromlücke schliessen?Sept. 27, 2019more
E-Mobilität in Immobilien und BetriebenMay 07, 2019more
Großspeichersysteme für Industrie und produzierendes GewerbeMay 17, 2018more
Elektromobilität für Gewerbe und HandwerksbetriebeFeb. 22, 2018more