Online Event Speaker Guide

We want your presentation at our online event to be a complete success. Therefore, we would like to offer you an overview of all the things that need to be considered in advance and can be used as personal checklist. And of course, we will provide you with some tips to get the most out of your presentation on stage or within the official session area of the online event.

Speaker Tutorial: Important Information at a Glance

Please have a look at the demo video, which will certainly answer many of your questions. It will also give you a first visual impression of the platform and the possibilities to present on stage or within the session area.

Find further details and tips provided by the platform provider in the:

Preparation of your performance

Be aware of the technical requirements

Technical equipment:

  • PC/Laptop for the presentation (mobile phones and tablets are not ideal because their camera image is slightly blurred)
  • Microphone and loudspeaker, better yet a headset
  • Webcam
  • Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox fully up to date.
  • Stable internet access
  • Internet speed recommendations for using the conference software are minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload. For the best streaming quality, we recommend 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher.
  • VPN client with access to a European network (for Chinese speakers only)

Please make sure your internet connection and hardware are functioning properly by running a streaming test on

Test run:

  • To become familiar with our online event software and its application in advance, we would like to ask you to attend a technical training session a few days before the online event goes live.
  • For the test run, we will send you a separate Outlook invitation.

How to give a good presentation

Think about interactivity & engagement

Screen Share:

  • Share your screen in sessions (not on the official stage) with other people (speakers, colleagues etc.) to bring more life into your presentation.

  • Share a presentation to visually underline your statements. You can show your presentation in full screen or share it with your webcam image.

  • Share your webcam with the participants (not on the official stage) to discuss their questions.


  • Use the chat visible to all participants of the event to interact with them. Invite them to express their opinions, give feedback or ask questions. You can answer them during your presentation or at the end in a special Q&A round.


  • Use the organizer's poll tab to get fedback from the participants.  Please contact us.


  • Think outside the box. Include videos, music, testimonials etc. to bring your presentation to life. Or actively encourage attendees to move around in front of their screen to stay fit and concentrated.

Follow Up:

  • Content is King. Market it additionally by offering event participants a good offer, such as a free whitepaper download.
  • Actively invite attendees to visit your booth in the expo area (if available) to exchange further information, ideas and contact data.

Think about the environment

Quiet Environment:

  • In order to ensure ideal sound quality and your concentration, you should not be disturbed for the duration of the presentation as well as the Q&A session. If it happens anyway, take it with humor!

Neutral Background:

  • Please note that all event participants can see both you and your background. We therefore recommend a neutral background that does not reveal any personal details and belongings.

Promotion of presentation & online event

Show yourself and your company

Make the most of your presentation area and promote your session as well as the online event in its entirety. Make use of your own personal network and the marketing channels of your company, and invite your customers and partners to the event.

We will be happy to provide you with promotion material for this purpose.
Please contact: Ms. Antje Seeck, Head of Marketing and Communication

Day of event

Preparation and procedure

30 minutes before the start of your presentation:

  • Please log in to the event with your speaker account and enter the backstage area of the stage or session via the link provided by the organizer in advance.
  • Test your set-up by “Request Permission” in the backstage area and turn on your microphone, webcam and presentation slides. You can always talk to the organizer in the background chat.
  • After a successful technical check, please mute your microphone and switch off your webcam.
  • Close open tabs in the browser and files (ideally all programs are closed in the background including the mail program), and reduce any uploads and downloads over your internet connection if possible.

5 minutes before the start of your presentation:

  • Please “Request Permission” again in the backstage area and turn on your microphone and webcam.
  • The moderator starts your session with a short introduction and then hands over to you.

Going Live:

  • Your status will now be updated to “live”. You are now able to introduce yourself and present your presentation slides by sharing your screen (full screen or shared screen with your webcam image).
  • Please stick to the schedule and the pre-defined length of your presentation slot. The moderator will intervene if you exceed your speaking time.