German Standardisation Roadmap for Hydrogen Technologies

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Recording of Friday, June 21, 2024 | The smarter E Europe Exhibition Program 2024 | Exhibition Program | Language: English | Duration: 18:18 .

"Thuy Pham Highlights Crucial Role of Standardization for Advancing Hydrogen Economy in EU Strategy Presentation"

Thuy Pham, representing the German Institute for Standardization, underscores the critical role of standards in advancing hydrogen technologies and ramping up the hydrogen economy. She argues that while often overlooked, these technical rules become glaringly important when things go wrong—like material failures or poor-fitting components. Effective standards ensure various aspects of hydrogen technology—from production to transportation and storage—work seamlessly. Pham references national and European strategies highlighting the need for coherent international standards given hydrogen’s global nature. This requires collaboration among technical standardization bodies across nations to prevent inconsistencies and overlaps in regulations. To address this challenge, a project named "Standardization Roadmap Hydrogen Technologies" has been initiated by combining efforts from multiple organizations. It aims to identify current gaps in technical rules and develop a comprehensive framework suitable for both national coherence and international application. The project invites experts globally to contribute their knowledge towards developing necessary standards swiftly. Currently midway through its timeline, with results soon to be presented publicly, this initiative strives toward creating robust frameworks essential for scaling up sustainable hydrogen economies efficiently.

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Dr. Lydia Vogt
Head of Strategic Development Hydrogen Technologies
German Institute for Standardisation DIN e. V.

Talk of session: P6: Industrial/Product Live Pitches: Hydrogen Production Network & Roadmap

Industrial/Product Live Pitches: Hydrogen Production Network & Roadmap

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