Wireless Charging: From a Dream to the Next Big (EV Charging) Thing

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Recording of Tuesday, June 18, 2024 | The smarter E Europe Conferences 2024 | Conference Program | Language: English | Duration: 11:15 .

"Siemens Immobility Harnesses Nikola Tesla's Wireless Energy Transfer for Cutting-Edge Smart EV Charging Solutions"

Around 120 years ago, Nikola Tesla envisioned transferring energy wirelessly, a concept that Siemens is now integrating with their extensive charging solutions. While Siemens does not manufacture electric vehicles (EVs), its subsidiary Siemens Immobility offers a varied range of chargers from AC to megawatt options. Currently, they are developing wireless chargers to eliminate the hassle of cable handling—a nod to Tesla's pioneering work. The standardization and global harmonization process for such wireless technology have taken over ten years, involving numerous regulatory bodies like SAE and ISO. Wireless charging has several benefits: it simplifies EV use by removing the need for manual plugging in, making it particularly advantageous for autonomous vehicles and handicapped users who may struggle with cables. It also enables enhanced grid interaction through bidirectional features which allow the vehicle battery to support energy trading and grid stability. Safety is paramount; technologies integrated into these systems can detect living objects or ferromagnetic materials near the charger pad and shut down operations if necessary. Additionally, a positioning system ensures cars park optimally over the coils for efficient power transfer. Looking ahead, Siemens envisions widespread deployment of these wireless systems—at homes, supermarkets, sports clubs—enabling effortless "snack charging" during everyday activities without requiring high-performance charges frequently. This vision aims at transforming our approach towards EV charging into an automatic part of daily life while supporting broader adoption through safety guarantees and interoperability standards across different infrastructures globally.

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Thomas Würz
Head of Wireless Power Transfer
Siemens AG

Talk of session: Supercharge Your Knowledge: Unveiling the Future of E-Mobility Charging!

Join us for an electrifying conference session where we put the finger on the pulse of e-mobility charging. Explore how cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies are shaping sustainable transportation. Get ready to plug into the future with distinguished speakers as they dive into the following topics:The path towards cost-effective and scalable solutions for heavy-duty transportation, the intersection of cloud computing and EV charge management, charging infrastructure optimization and its implications for sustainable transportation initiatives. You will also learn about the seamless integration of charging infrastructure into the grid and the transformative potential of wireless charging technology.

Further Talks of this session:

Welcome and Introduction


Raphaël Héliot
Policy Officer
AVERE - The European Association for Electromobility

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Electric Trucks Have Power: Cost Analysis of Megawatt Charging in Europe


Andreas Jahn
Senior Associate
Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)

Dr. Julia Hildermeier
Senior Associate EU
Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)

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How the Cloud Can Help You Run More Profitable EV Charging Solutions


Fabio Bottoni
Specialist Solutions Architect
Amazon Web Services

To Talk

Charging Patterns of Electric Heavy Vehicles in Norway


Ella-Lovise Hammervold Rørvik
Machine Learning Engineer
Aneo AS

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Seamless Integration of Charging Infrastructure into the Grid and Energy Market


Matthias Suttner
Director Charging Hardware
The Mobility House GmbH

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Q&A Round

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