Sustainability: How Can Solar Best Support Nature Conservation and Biodiversity?

Photovoltaics in the field of tension: this topic has preoccupied the industry since the construction of the first large-scale PV power plants on greenfield sites.  In times when project and generation scales are reaching new dimensions, it is more important than ever. How can open-space plants be implemented in harmony with nature and landscape regulations?  How can biodiversity be preserved and promoted with the expansion of PV plants?  And what criteria come into play in environmental assessments that contribute to site selection? Lina Dubina, Policy Advisor for Sustainability at SolarPower Europe, tells us.


  • 01:58 How can local spatial planning contribute to the mitigation of land use conflicts between solar PV and different types of land, including agriculture?
  • 05:08 Cost-effectiveness: How viable are large-scale PV-plants implementing biodiversity measures?
  • 09:09 What are the benefits for farmers giving their land for mixed-use-PV-plants instead of traditional crop production and farming?
  • 17:59 Sustainable solar plants can contribute to the restoration of degraded land. How will the extra costs for restoration measures be financed within a PV project?

Published: April 06, 2023

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About Lina Dubina & SolarPower Europe

Lina Dubina is Policy Advisor for Sustainability at SolarPower Europe, the European Solar Association representing companies and organization active along the whole Solar value chain. SolarPower Europe is particularly committed to shaping the regulatory environment and enhance business opportunities for solar power in Europe.

Lina works as a project coordinator for sustainability at SolarPower Europe. As part of the Sustainability workstream, Lina works alongside Raffaele Rossi on sustainability-related policy developments for PV products. She oversees the Agrisolar Workstream and coordinates several environment-related projects.


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