System Vision 2050 - What will the climate-neutral energy system of the future look like?

The entire power grid with its different levels must become fit for the energy transition. How can the expansion at the transmission and distribution grid level be driven forward? How can it be designed to be citizen-friendly? And what new tasks and challenges lie ahead for the grids of the future? Thomas Dederichs, Head of Energy Policy at Amprion, reveals.


  • 1.25: About the latest findings of the past meeting future power grids.

  • 4.10: Organism - where do the biggest bottlenecks and problems currently occur?

  • 11.13: System vision 2050: What exactly is behind the project?

  • 23.29: How can the expansion be equipped in a citizen-friendly way?

Published: February 10, 2022

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About Thomas Dederichs and Amprion

Amprion GmbH, headquartered in Dortmund, is a German transmission system operator. The company operates the second-largest extra-high voltage power grid in Germany with a circuit length of almost 11,000 km. It extends across seven western German states. Thomas Dederichs joined Amprion in 2019 as head of energy policy. Previously, he worked at the German Energy Association (BDEW) and innogy SE, among others.

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