Continuous Electricity from Renewables via H2

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Recording of Thursday, June 20, 2024 | The smarter E Europe Exhibition Program 2024 | Exhibition Program | Language: English | Duration: 18:34 .

"Alexander Voigt Presents HH2E's Innovative Approach to Harnessing Renewable Energy and Stabilizing Green Hydrogen Supply Using Existing Infrastructure at Afternoon Session."

Alexander Voigt, a pioneer from the PV industry and representing HH2E, presents an innovative approach for continuous electricity generation from renewables via hydrogen. HH2E stands for heat, hydrogen, and electricity—crucial energy streams driving future industrialized countries. The primary focus is leveraging existing infrastructures such as former coal and nuclear plants equipped with grid connections to convert surplus renewable energy into green hydrogen. In regions like northeastern Germany with abundant wind and solar resources but low local demand, excess energy often goes unused due to technical curtailment. HH2E aims to capture this otherwise wasted energy using large-scale installations combining high-temperature heat storage systems, batteries, and electrolyzers. This setup converts cheap surplus electricity into stable flows of green hydrogen processed through pipelines to supply cities and industries. HH2E's ambitious plan includes operationalizing ten sites by 2030 with a 10-gigawatt grid connection capacity yielding approximately 400,000 tons of green hydrogen annually—20% of Germany’s projected need in that timeframe. With regional logistics partners like DHL committed to decarbonization efforts at hubs such as Leipzig airport near Berlin, localized production offsets transportation costs inherent in importing cheaper foreign-produced green hydrogen. Summing up Alexander’s analogy: akin to making jam during fruit seasons when prices drop significantly compared to off-season rates; similarly storing underutilized renewable power as affordable green hydrogen ensures year-round availability while addressing market volatilities effectively.

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Alexander Voigt

Talk of session: Hydrogen Carriers, Transport, Storage and Energy Buffers

It is foreseeable, hydrogen and its derivatives will be shipped to Europe in the years to come and prompt the path of the energy carrier. What form will play what role amongst to option on the table? It still looks like an open race.

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The international green hydrogen market is on the rise. Due to Brazil’s geographic and climate characteristics, it has a huge potential to become one of the largest producers and exporters of green hydrogen in the World.

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