The Promise & The Risks of Hydrogen Electrolysis Projects

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Recording of Friday, June 21, 2024 | The smarter E Europe Exhibition Program 2024 | Exhibition Program | Language: English | Duration: 14:43 .

Maximilian Kuhnert of iTech Systems Discusses the Promises and Risks of Hydrogen Electrolysis Projects, Aiming to Cut Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by One Percent.

Maximilian Kuhnert, the Sales Manager at iTech Systems GmbH, presents on the promises and risks associated with hydrogen electrolysis projects. The focus is to achieve a significant goal: reducing one percent of global greenhouse gas emissions using iTech's PEM electrolyzers for green hydrogen production. He highlights three key pillars supporting this ambition: 1. Technology: With over 25 years in PEM electrolysis, iTech has deep expertise in designing, building, and integrating stacks into systems. 2. MAN Energy Solutions: As a subsidiary of MAN Energy Solutions, they benefit from financial support and scalable production processes. 3. Volkswagen Group: Being part of Volkswagen grants them credibility and high-quality mass production capabilities. Kuhnert details their product portfolio ranging from small-scale (1MW) to large-scale (up to 300MW) solutions like the modular MHP plants. He emphasizes understanding project risks such as achieving Final Investment Decision (FID), where only 4% of announced European projects have matured enough due to factors affecting Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH). Key LCOH influencers include electricity prices, efficiency rates, degradation costs, etc., which are critical for creating viable business cases. Finally he outlines potential execution phase risks like site preparation delays impacting successful project implementation stages including delivery assembly and commissioning steps crucial for customer handover.

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Maximilian Kuhnert
Sales Manager
H-Tec Systems GmbH

Talk of session: P5: Industrial/Product Live Pitches: Hydrogen Produktion Planning, Management, Risk & Safety

Industrial/Product Live Pitches: Hydrogen Produktion Planning, Management, Risk & Safety

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