Start-up Presents PPA Analysis Tool

Start-up Interview – June 02, 2023

This year’s Intersolar Europe will once again feature numerous energy transition pioneers: Startups whose ideas and products are among the driving forces behind the development of renewable energy sources.

One of those start-ups is Synertics. This Munich-based company will be presenting its PPA analysis tool at The smarter E Europe, the continent’s largest platform for the energy industry. We spoke to Synertics’ CEO, Manuel Pessanha, to find out more.

Interview with Manuel Pessanha

Mr. Pessanha, Synertics offers a PPA evaluation tool that provides sellers and buyers of PPA electricity from renewable sources important information and analyses, making direct electricity contracts even more lucrative. Could you just tell us how it works and what is important?

PPAs allow buyers and sellers of electricity to hedge against fluctuating electricity prices and volume risks. We use our tool to help our customers identify the PPAs with the risk-return profile that suits them best. The tool takes into account various data points, such as the technology and location of a park, but also the marketing structure of the PPA, the expected production profile and the development of electricity prices.

How wonderful that Synertics will be a part of Intersolar Europe 2023! Tell us – what will you bring to the exhibition and what can we learn and discover at your booth?

Our top priority is to talk to renewable energy operators about adding value to projects by structuring PPAs. We will also provide visitors with insights into the functions of our tool and information about ongoing projects.

What changes must be made to the German electricity market for PPAs to gain a larger market share, and for this business model to take hold?

At a regulatory level, deploying renewables that are marketed outside of the EEG provisions faster would increase the market share of PPA in Germany. At a commercial level, the German state should make financing PPA-based projects more attractive, e.g. with lower interest rates and the provision of guaranties.

What’s the situation like for PPAs in other European markets? We know that your tool is already used in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

The deployment of PPA-based projects is generally more developed in markets such as Spain or Portugal. Compared to other countries, there are more banks that understand and finance the risk-return structures of different PPA marketing structures. In other markets, such as Greece, the situation is different and PPA-marketed projects still take a long time to realize.

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