European Regulatory Framework for Sustainable Solar: An Update on Ecolabeling and Eco-Design of Photovoltaic Modules

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Recording of Wednesday, June 19, 2024 | The smarter E Europe Conferences 2024 | Conference Program | Language: English | Duration: 14:38 .

Giorgio Berdizza Discusses Eco-Design and Energy Labeling for PV Products at Tufrainal Presentation

Giorgio Berdizza from Tufrainal discusses the importance of eco-design and energy labels for PV products, particularly focusing on the significance of rating models based on real-world energy yield rather than standard test conditions. This approach offers a more accurate representation since standard conditions rarely occur in actual applications. Tufrainal has developed its procedure to prepare such labels by performing both outdoor and indoor measurements on samples provided by clients, calculating performance ratios, and generating detailed reports. Berdizza also highlights ongoing regulatory developments within the European Commission aimed at integrating eco-design principles into PV product ratings. The proposed regulations will assess modules based on material durability, long-term degradation rates, repairability, recyclability, and manufacturing carbon footprint. There is specific focus on defining methods to measure long-term degradation effectively. The draft regulation includes default yearly degradation values for crystalline silicon (0.5%) and thin film modules (1%), with alternative methodologies requiring extensive data collection over multiple years and locations. A preliminary version of this new energy label system categorizes modules across several classes using three reference climates as described in IEC standards.

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Dr. Giorgio Bardizza
Global Manager Solar PV
TÜV Rheinland

Talk of session: Solar & Sustainability: All About ESG Considerations & Transparency along the Solar Supply Chain

As investors focus more on ESG criteria in the solar supply chain, the industry aims to enhance transparency, traceability, and reduce carbon footprint. This comes at a time of significant legislative change in Europe, with market access rules and the promotion of improved sustainability practices on the horizon.This session will discuss: How ESG considerations are impacting developers' procurement decisions How solar manufacturers along the solar supply chain are addressing ESG concerns Legislative requirements and industry efforts to increase transparency and sustainability performance Processes for certifying solar products with low embodied carbon

Further Talks of this session:

Welcome and Introduction


Dr. Guido Agostinelli
Solar Sector Head
IFC - International Finance Corporation

To Talk

Transparency for a Sustainable Supply Chain


Laurene Gusse
Deputy Head of Quality & Procurement
ENGIE Renewables

To Talk

The Road Towards 100% Renewable Powered PV Manufacturing


Lin Sun
Head of Sustainability Development

To Talk

Providing Transparency Along the Value Chain in the Context of Forced Labor and CSDDD EU Regulations


Alexia Ruvoletto
Head of Secretariat
The Solar Stewardship Initiative

To Talk

Panel: How to Ensure Truly ESG-Compatible Solar Products in Europe


Özer Ergül
Group Head of Procurement CPO
Aquila Capital
The Netherlands

Stacy Ettinger
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Trade
Solar Energy Industries Association
United States

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