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Recording of Tuesday, June 18, 2024 | The smarter E Europe Conferences 2024 | Conference Program | Language: English | Duration: 6:43 .

"Speaker Emphasizes Sustainability in Liquid Air Energy Storage During Discussion on Future of Energy Markets"

The speaker discusses the importance of sustainability in the energy market, particularly focusing on energy storage. They highlight that traditional lithium-ion batteries are not sustainable due to their short lifespan and frequent need for augmentation. The company is pioneering liquid air energy storage technology, which offers several advantages over other methods. This technology allows plants to be built with precise charge and discharge durations tailored to specific needs, such as storing excess wind energy. Additionally, they emphasize integrating this storage with other sources like thermal systems to address multiple issues simultaneously. The components used in their system—such as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, and turbines—are well-established in the industry and fully recyclable after a long lifecycle of 30-40 years. They mention ongoing projects: a new plant in Hiroshima being both commercial and demonstrative by integrating heat and cold sources; another significant project is Highview Power's first 50 megawatt/300 megawatt-hour commercial plant in the UK reaching financial close. These developments mark crucial advancements for long-duration storage technologies globally.

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Jan Andersson
Director, Global Market Development
Sumitomo SHi FW

Talk of session: Long-Duration Energy Storage - What's Holding it Back, When Will it Break Through?

Long-duration energy storage (LDES) is undoubtedly a key enabler for achieving net-zero. However, despite a wide range of technology providers claiming cost competitiveness and other advantages over lithium-ion batteries, the latter continue to dominate new deployments in Europe and elsewhere. So what's holding LDES back? What is needed to enable more widespread adoption? And when will the age of LDES finally arrive?In this panel, experts will provide an assessment of the suitability of LDES for today's market, the barriers that exist and the requirements and likely timeline for LDES to finally become mainstream.

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