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Recording of Thursday, June 20, 2024 | The smarter E Europe Exhibition Program 2024 | Exhibition Program | Language: English | Duration: 10:42 .

"CyberGrid Advocates for Demand-Response Management to Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050, Highlighting the Integration of Renewable Energy and Flexibility in Market Dynamics."

Alexander from CyberGrid discussed the significance of demand response management in the energy sector, likening it to "rock and roll" due to its complexity and potential benefits. He emphasized that integrating millions into the energy market is crucial for optimizing existing flexibility and avoiding unnecessary investments. This approach aids in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 through increased use of renewables and system flexibility. CyberGrid’s vision includes all electricity being renewable and flexible, with batteries playing a pivotal role in this transformation. Alexander highlighted steep growth projections for cumulative energy storage, noting past underestimations by consultancy firms about market speed. Since 2010, CyberGrid has evolved from peak shaving solutions to comprehensive demand response management platforms capable of integrating various asset sizes efficiently via plug-and-play mechanisms. The company developed sound forecasting tools essential for reliable delivery on market promises. Austrian companies CyberGrid and EVN launched Green Deflex, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions significantly by shifting electricity usage among residential customers. The project targets saving 3,500 tons of CO2 annually by engaging around 3,000 households initially. Finally, Alexander outlined three optimization layers: maximizing self-consumption behind-the-meter PV systems; forming renewable energy communities; marketing excess flexibility to create additional value while reducing reliance on traditional power plants or curtailment scenarios.

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Talk of session: Empowering Consumers Through Demand-Side Flexibility

A decentralised, flexible energy system puts energy consumers at the fore-front of the clean energy transition. Through demand-side flexibility, consumers are able to adjust their consumption, store energy, and inject energy into the grid during peak moments, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable decarbonisation pathway. smartEn has calculated that, with help from flexible consumers, in 2030 the EU energy system could avoid 15.5 TWh in renewable energy curtailment, a 61% improvement compared to if no action is taken, and avoid investments in 60 GW of peak generation capacity, equivalent to 137 gas peaking plants, resulting in €2.7 billion saved annually. This session aims to deep-dive into how decentralised assets such as PV, Stationary and Mobile storage, amongst others, are key to reducing costs for consumers, increasing the uptake of renewables and solving grid congestion issues.

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Empowering Consumers Through Demand Side Flexibility

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