Digital Services as a Way to Foster REs Sources (and EVs) Integration and the Development of New Local Energy Communities

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Recording of Thursday, June 20, 2024 | The smarter E Europe Exhibition Program 2024 | Exhibition Program | Language: English | Duration: 9:43 .

"Chido Lanzetta from IAM Discusses Digital Solutions for Integrating Renewables and Enhancing Energy Ecosystems at Conference"

Chido Lanzetta from IAM discusses the role of digital services in enhancing renewable energy integration into the grid. IAM is a global company providing digital solutions for managing renewables—solar, wind, and hydro—in more than 20 countries with around 5 gigawatts of total power installed. The focus includes smart grids, microgrids, and local energy communities. The current shift towards using renewables like solar energy creates substantial real-time data that necessitates effective data management to optimize their usage. European regulations are pushing citizens to be both producers and consumers (prosumers) of energy, fostering local initiatives such as Italy's new renewable energy communities aimed at optimizing generation and consumption. Digital transformation offers new business opportunities by enabling flexible demand-side management. For instance, IAM’s platform XM supports coordination in using various types of stored or generated energy efficiently. A notable project in Northern Italy demonstrated significant savings through awareness without automation. IAM also developed simulation tools for designing optimal microgrids tailored to user-defined scenarios incorporating electric vehicles and battery storage systems for better utilization of rooftop solar installations in commercial centers like one in Tuscany. Lanzetta concludes emphasizing that digital platforms can significantly boost sustainable energy use by making it easier to manage data effectively while promoting a cultural shift towards proactive data utilization within the renewable sector.

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Talk of session: Empowering Consumers Through Demand-Side Flexibility

A decentralised, flexible energy system puts energy consumers at the fore-front of the clean energy transition. Through demand-side flexibility, consumers are able to adjust their consumption, store energy, and inject energy into the grid during peak moments, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable decarbonisation pathway. smartEn has calculated that, with help from flexible consumers, in 2030 the EU energy system could avoid 15.5 TWh in renewable energy curtailment, a 61% improvement compared to if no action is taken, and avoid investments in 60 GW of peak generation capacity, equivalent to 137 gas peaking plants, resulting in €2.7 billion saved annually. This session aims to deep-dive into how decentralised assets such as PV, Stationary and Mobile storage, amongst others, are key to reducing costs for consumers, increasing the uptake of renewables and solving grid congestion issues.

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