Don't Forget About Safety for Solar C&I

Recording of Tuesday, June 13, 2023 | The smarter E Europe Conference 2023 | Conference Program | Language: English | Duration: 11:56 .


Chris Voet
Sales Director

Talk of session: Rooftop PV: How to Achieve Energy Independence

Both the residential and the commercial segments have seen a boom in rooftop PV. With nearly two thirds of all new solar capacity installed on buildings in the EU in 2022, the deployment of solar rooftop installations will continue in the short term. The energy crisis has been contributing to driving the demand for rooftop PV installations, with homeowners striving to protect themselves against surging retail energy rates and looking for affordable electrical heat and transportation options.

This session will discuss:

  • Drivers & challenges for rooftop solar PV in Europe
  • Technical solutions for high levels of solar self-consumption
  • Business models for prosumers

Further Talks of this session:

Drivers & Obstacles for Rooftop Solar in Europe


Michael Claußner
Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG

To Talk

Energy Sharing: An Incentive to Maximise System Size on Roofs and Reduce Grid Congestion


Maria Colom Cifuentes
Head of Decentralized PV

To Talk

How Digital Solutions Enable a Large Density of Solar Prosumers in Europe's Grid


Tim van Amstel
E.ON One

To Talk

Modular Energy Independence for Every Household


Thomas Thierschmidt
Solutions Management
SMA Solar Technology AG

To Talk

Q&A & Conclusions

To Talk

Welcome & Introduction


Jan Osenberg
Policy Advisor
SolarPower Europe

To Talk

Further Content

Ralph Müller-Eberstein, Business Development Manager at ebee smart Technologies GmbH

Ladeinfrastruktur vs. Immobilienwirtschaft: Wege aus der Ladekrise

The smarter E Podcast Episode 151 | Language:German

September 21, 2023

New guidelines for both tenancy law and the construction are supposed to optimize charging stations in apartment buildings.

Wes Stein, Chief Research Scientist for Solar Technologies at CSIRO

CSP – How Concentrated Solar Power Works

The smarter E Podcast Episode 150 | Language: English

September 14, 2023

With CSP we can achieve high temperatures of 150 - 1500 Celsius to drive power cycles or industrial processes such as cement production or green hydrogen. But how far along is CSP technology? Wes Stein will give us the answer to this and other questions.

Dr. Hamed Beheshti and Ahmad Sandid

How Solar PV Is Helping to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals in Africa

The smarter E Podcast Episode 149 | Language: English

September 7, 2023

Africa has a huge untapped solar potential. The integrated solar water desalination project at Lodwar Hospital in Kenya is a flagship project that contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals.

Hans-Josef Fell

100% Renewable Energies for Germany by 2030?

The smarter E Podcast Episode 53 | Language: German

June 24, 2021

How can we achieve the goal of generating all our electricity from renewable energies? Hans-Josef Fell, Energy Wach Group, tells us.

Heiko Luft

How Electric Cars can be Integrated Into the Fleet

The smarter E Podcast Episode 61 | Language: German

September 2, 2021

Interview with Heiko Luft and EnBW

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